Billy got us a great rate, explained everything, and made sure we were ready for closing. Claire was also very helpful in making sure all the documentation was in place.

William G.

Billy and his team were very responsive, even at unexpected hours of the day and weekend! Everything was seamless and the product/service we received was better than promised. This team goes above and beyond!

Jami C.

We are so grateful for all of Billy’s time and effort. He spent hours at the onset walking us through the process, was available any time day/night when we had questions and made the experience much less stressful, all the while working endlessly to get us a better rate than we thought!

Matthew D.

Given that this was my first home-buying experience, I wasn’t familiar with the process, including a lot of the terms and expectations. Billy explained everything to me so thoroughly and thoughtfully. He was always available to answer my questions and made sure that I understood each step as it was happening. I truly felt like Billy and the MVB staff were as invested in this home as I was!

Lina A.

MVB Mortgage, and specifically Billy Kinberg and his team were wonderful to work with. As first time homebuyers we had a lot to learn about the financing process, and from our very first meeting Billy spent time making sure we fully understood all our options. When we found our our dream house in a competitive market we were able to act quickly and confidently with our [conditional] pre-approval and ability close within 30 days. We know that Billy and his team were a major part of our success. Highly recommended!

Bronwen R.

My wife and I were in a situation where we needed to close on a new home fairly quickly (less than a month). Billy Kinberg and his team of professionals made the financial experience transparent, simple, and overall provided us what we needed when we needed it. They were willing to work with us and walked us through the fine print, line by line, so there were no surprises. We knew what the bottom line would be by the time we got to closing. Whenever we move again, we are going with Billy’s team!

Michael A.

Billy is the best. I’m recommending him to everyone I know.

Emily H.

Billy understood what we needed and gave us exactly that, no more, no less. While others tried to up-sell me, or clearly had hidden agendas, Billy’s assistance was the text book definition of what a mortgage service provider should be. Will recommend him to all my friends without hesitation.

Julio C.

Billy was extremely personable and very helpful in answering any questions that I had.

Ari B.

I really enjoyed working with Billy and his team. They were understanding of our unique situation and provided the proper amount of support. I knew Billy was always taking care me and had my best interest in mind. I would (and have) recommend Billy to all home buyers.

Mark G.

Billy, thank you for the hands on approach and immediately responding to our needs.

James M.

Billy Kinberg and MVB are one of the main reasons we were able to buy our house. He answered all our questions in a timely manner and in a way that we could easily understand, he told us the next steps and what was needed without us having to ask for it, and they went through the process in about half the time it takes most lenders to do so. We would suggest them and use them again in a heartbeat.

Lilah S.

Detailed correspondence and communication of priorities and ease of use in eSigning documents.

Jeffery P.

Working with Billy and the team from MVB was an awesome experience. Billy really took the time to explain each and every option in detail, and no question was “too stupid.” We felt very comfortable with the whole process and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MVB to anyone who’s looking to purchase a home.

Alena D.

Billy is amazing — interest rates have been bananas since early November 2016, and Billy took the time to quote us rates repeatedly, explain different scenarios, and to generally make sure that we were very taken care of. He went well above and beyond the standard of care I’ve received from other loan officers, on prior loan transactions.

Lough P.

Billy and his team were nothing short of amazing! His communications skills, professionalism and expertise were in no small way responsible for our offer being accepted and our closing going smoothly.